Wednesday, March 13, 2013

A Long Hard "Pull"

 My great customer Caytie, brought me her hubbies favorite night stand to update for her.  That sounded fun because it's so different from what I have been doing.  So I was excited to get started,
in fact so excited that I didn't take any pictures until this step. 
  To me what dated the night stand the worst were the pulls on it, which you don't see now.
  They were one long piece of wood that looked glued on, and 
as you can tell they are about my least favorite of all pulls out there. 

I took the wood pulls off and filled the holes with Elmer's wood fill.  I let that dry over night then sanded it down really good and you'd never know there had been two holes there.

First I sanded the top so I could  restain it in a darker richer color. Originally it was a lighter stain and gave it a washed out appearance, and  the darker stain gave it a lot more character.  I used dark walnut by Min Wax, one of my favorite colors.  The top is made with different types of wood, kind of like a butcher block., so each piece stained differently.  Some stained a lot darker then other pieces so I  let it all dry and then restained the lighter one's a third or forth time.  It came out looking really good.

I painted the body in ASCP paris gray, then distressed the edges with sand paper.  Caytie chose these very cool and updated pulls to replace the old one's that were on it.  What a great choice, especially
for a guy's night stand. 
 I wanted to keep this somewhat masculine so I chose a brown diamond shaped
  paper to line the  drawers

What a nice transformation!!  He's happy and She's happy.  It really was fun working on this piece, but the truth be known, her hubby was probably just as happy with the old look as the new one. However being the good guy that he is, he just smiled and said, "it looks great"! .

Thank you so much for stopping by, I love your comments and new
follower's as well.


  1. This turned out so so cute!! Visiting from Thrifty 101.

  2. I am enjoying scrolling through all your posts and seeing the great transformations of your projects. They are all great. :)

  3. awww, it's so darn cute! What a great little piece, I can tell it will be loved for years to come in it's new outfit!