Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Bowed and Beautiful

What a deal I made on this bowed front dresser.  I found it on Craigs list and when I went to look at it I knew I wanted it no questions asked.  But the lady selling it apologized for the third drawer not working right.  I tried to push it in at her place and I couldn't get it in all the way either, so what, it's still great!!


When I got the dresser in my shop and had time to look it over more closely I discovered that the lady had her third and fourth drawers mixed up and that was the only reason it wouldn't go in all the way.  I almost felt guilty about getting it for such a good price.  It did have a lot of work to do on it though so that guilt lasted just a minute.  The drawers all needed glued and nailed back together.  You could see light through some of the big gaps between the back of the drawer and the bottom of the drawer. 

I used wood filler in a lot of different places on the top so I wasn't able to stain it like I wanted to.  But I think it still turned out beautiful.  I painted it Swiss Coffee after having to use an oil based primer due to an old red stain.  After painting I distressed it lightly and then used poly all over it.  I spray painted the hardware with oil rubbed bronze to up date the look of the gorgeous pulls. 

The white color fitted this piece so well, kind of elegant, don't you think?

                I love, and try to save all the old hardware that I can, especially when it's this pretty.

I loved how this turned out, but then I love almost all old pieces.

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