Sunday, September 25, 2011

Antique Window Face Lift

I'm so excited to be almost done with my bedroom re-do.  When I was in the middle of it I didn't think it would ever come together.  One reason for that is because I had about five projects going on at once.  I painted a wall, made a new upholstered head board, painted and stained the top of two end tables and a dresser, made curtains, and gave my antique windows a face lift.  This is part of that insanity.

As you can see I took on a little much all at once.  But I wanted my bedroom to get done as soon as possible so I didn't have to live in the mess for long.
Part of my re-do was to incorporate two antique leaded
 glass windows that I found about two years ago at a yard sale.  I have been waiting for the right place to put them and I finally found it.

They cost me five dollars a piece and I have loved them and protected them from getting broken every since.  I decided that I would dry bush them and hang them above the dresser that I was working on.  I also wanted to hang a wreath or something in the middle of both of them to pull them together and to bring more color to the room.  My colors for the room are aqua and chocolate, which I am loving, but I didn't want to get too matchy, matchy.

Here is one window that has been dry brushed. I had thought about leaving them the way they were but they didn't show up on my wall very good.  They didn't show up very well with just the white dry brushing either so I decided to add just a little aqua paint.

I had to calm the color down in a few places but it seemed the more I experimented with the colors, the more I liked them.

I then decided to really clean  the windows and hang them up.  This took a long time because the glass is so delicate and there are so many tiny pieces, but they came out shining and looking so pretty.  I  found this sconce like decoration (I can't think of whats it's called to save me) and hung it between them.  Still not done though...........

Now she's done, and I love it.  I really think things came together well. The contrasting yellow begonias  seemed to have added depth to the room.  My room is getting so close to being done, I can't wait

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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Upholstered Headboard

So I've had the same headboard and furniture in my bedroom for forever!  I love it, but am ready for a change.  If you have read some of my other postings you have seen that I am redoing all of my bedroom.  Starting with painting the wall with a chocolate color, then making new curtains, two new end tables, and this headboard.  My daughter has made head boards for several years and sells them on Craig's list.  She is so good at making these, and fast , so she offered her help.
I wanted mine to have a little curve on each end so we hauled the wood from the SUV to the back yard.  I cut out one end and flipped the cut out part over to the other side, traced its shape on the board and cut it out too. 

I decided how far apart I wanted my buttons and where I wanted them.  I then measured 8" down and 10" apart.  Next, I marked four rows, alternating the buttons, after which we drilled a hole every place I had marked for a button.

After drilling the holes, we put an old comforter and some really thick batting on the board for the filler, then laid the fabric on the top of the batting.  The fabric I picked for the head board was too thick for these buttons, they kept popping back open.  Jamie  had a quick fix for that.  We pulled the string through the drilled hole, batting and fabric and turned the needle and pulled it back through the same hole.  Basically we were pulling the fabric tight, like there was a button there, the string was taking all the pressure off of the buttons, which I later just glued to the front.  Pretty cleaver, huh...

When we had the string on the back of the head board we tied it off with a nut.  Jamie uses flat washers all the time, I only had these on hand and knew the batting  that I turned over the edges was so thick that they (the nuts) wouldn't be touching the wall.

This is my room in the middle of the big change.  The before picture...

And the AFTER, didn't it turn out pretty?  Thanks Jamie, I love it.  
I really love the dark paint with this head board color against it.  The curtains look so good against it too.

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New Curtains

As you can see I am in the middle of redoing my bedroom.  The bed is pulled away from the wall that I am painting a chocolate color, and the throw pillows aren't on the bed.  The dresser isn't where it usually is and the night stand that you can see is one that I have redone for the new look, click here to see it.  I've been wanting a new look for some time now and so I finally just jumped in. 

I picked out my curtain fabric that is really upholstery fabric, but I loved the color and print so I decided to go with it.  I decided since it was so heavy that I didn't need to line the back of the curtains.

I folded the fabric over 1/4" and ironed it all around the panel.  I then turned the sides over 1 1/2" and hemmed them before I hemmed the top or bottom.  I folded the top and bottom over 4" and then sewed them in place. 

On the top after sewing a 4" casing I divided the 4" in half and sewed a straight seam, leaving  the 4" casing in two 2" casings.  One for the ruffle and a 2" casing for the rod. 

I sewed the side seam first so that the bottom and top hems would be on top, I think it looks more professional and finished.

I had some cream colored panels up there before, which I liked, but I was ready for some color.  I love the color that these add to my bedroom, I also put color on the wall, the upholsterd chair, and the new headboard that I upholstered.  Check out the whole thing. 

The room has come together finally, it was a lot of work and time but I am really loving the change.

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Thursday, September 8, 2011

End Table for New Bedroom

I have been so busy lately, a good kind of busy,  I'm redoing my bedroom.  I can blame all this hard work on the color of fabric I bought for the upholstered headboard that I'm doing.  I got a pretty cream color that I knew would be good and neutral, you know, one that would go with any bed spread.  Well when I held it against the bedroom wall, well it just blended in too much.  So it started, the painting of the wall, new curtains, hopefully new pictures, when I find the right one's, etc.  My hubby and I have had our bedroom set for most of our married life, nope, never a change.  So I'm going to put my old furniture (which is still in excellent condition) in the spare room.  Then I've been checking yard sales and Craigs list really close and found an older dresser that I really like and am in the process of painting it right now.  I will be posting all of the pictures when it all comes together because it really is a huge change, and I'm loving it so far.  For now I wanted to show you the cute end table that I found and refinished and will be putting it beside the sitting chair that I redid earlier this year (click here to see it.)  I really like this little table and knew it would fit in with the idea that I have for my bedroom.

I had to glue the top in a couple of places that were starting to separate.  Then I sanded the top down really good because I wanted to stain it.  I didn't bother sanding the rest of it because I knew I would be using ASCP on it.

I wanted the top to be a really dark stain, almost black.  I used Minwax dark walnut, and applied two coats of it, and I'm really happy with the color.
I then spray painted the pull with Rustoleum bronzed metal spray.  I then used two coats of ASCP in old white on the rest of the end table.  I then sanded it down to get that really smooth finish.  It seems that when I use this paint no matter how good my brush is I always have brush strokes that need sanded down.  Thank goodness it sands so easily.  I love the look and feel of it after I sanded and distressed it a bit. 

Won't it look pretty beside my chair in my newly refinished bedroom?  I can't wait until it all comes together.  Saturday should be the big day when I'm done with all the projects, here's hoping!

                                                    Doesn't it look pretty in it's new place? 
                                          I love it with my new curtains and reupholstered chair.

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