Wednesday, March 20, 2013

A Sewing Chest with a "Tude"

One of my favorite clients contacted me to do a few pieces for her, this sewing cabinet is one of them.  I love it because it's so different from the usual stuff that I do.  But what I really love about it is that the client wants to paint it RED.  I paint so many pieces white because that color sells the fastest so  I'm thrilled to be painting something red. 

I really don't know if there is a proper name for this piece so I will just call it a sewing chest.  Caytie told me her Grandmother used to keep her yarn in the two side compartments.  Can't you just see a Grandma sitting in the evening on the sofa with this chest near by  with threads of yarn coming out of it as her needles just a  flying, making the next needed piece of......okay... okay, but it does paint a pretty picture.

Caytie's father did the repair work on it so I started with the sanding and paint work.  It had the normal scratches on it from being old and probably going through some moves as well.  I had to be really careful when sanding the half circle's because the wood was thin.  I looked, but never could find any nails that held the slats together, and yet they definitely were all individual so I guess they were just glued.  I sanded very carefully needless to say.  I primed it with Val spar latex spray on primer, which I really liked.

I used some contact paper to line the drawers with, and they looked so pretty.  The two handles were original but the top pull was new and went with the cabinet so well.

TA....DA....... didn't it turn out pretty?  When I paint my toe nails red my hubby refers to them
as toe's with a attitude.  This cabinet
definitely has a "tude".

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  1. I really like the transformation of this piece, you did a nice job.

  2. I am in love with this piece. You did it so well. I'm sure your client will be well pleased. :)

  3. The piece is a "Martha Washington". My mom had two of them and used them for her knitting. Very nicely done!

  4. My mom who is 72 has her grandmother's piece like this. She has always referred to it as a "Priscilla". I'll have to ask her about the name. My mom is the proper type and it does seem a proper name. I hope to inherit it some day. Great job!

  5. what a cute little cabinet! happy you got to paint something with color! :)