Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Let's Make A Deal

I became owner of this dresser in the most unlikely way.  An older friend called me to come over and give her a quote on fixing several of her piece's of furniture.  I only mention "older friend" because you need to know she has had a long time to collect all kinds of beautiful furniture and other things.  I knew she loved all her furniture and probably wouldn't ever part with any.

First I looked at a disassembled table that I knew I couldn't and wouldn't want to  repair.   Then I looked at a beautiful old wooden office chair with an arm rest that was broken right where it curves, not an easy fix at all.  She then showed me this dresser.  It's finish was yellow and peeling and there was a broken drawer, but
really not too bad at all.  I was busy enough doing other furniture, that I either needed this piece to be mine, so I could do it at my leisure or not at all.  So I said to her, "You just need to sell it to me".  Her reply surprised me; "I can do that, so make me an offer".  Crafty, crafty lady, I didn't see that coming, but so happy it did.

Someone had glued the drawer joints together but probably didn't clamp it.  So the wood being old and warped naturally went back to where it had been before a whole bottle of glue was used to repair it.
Luckily the glue was on the inside of the drawer and not the joints so I was able to use a rubber mallet on it and pop it apart.  After I removed the old glue and cleaned up the joints I glued it again but this time had three big clamps on hand that I left on over night.  It's good as new now!

  It had layers of lacquer or yellowed varithan that I needed to get off before I did anything else.  I used Jasco Paint and Epoxy Remover.  I really like this product because it doesn't have a strong odor like so many of them do and it works fast as well.  After the drawers were stripped I decided to tackle the top.  I was going to paint it but decided to see how it would look stained.


 The top turned out beautiful, however the picture doesn't do it justice.  I sealed it with a rub on poly,
                                    about three coats to get a luster that I was happy with.
Here's the finished product!  So much better in old white chalk paint and a stained top.

I Really love the finish on the top.

Some of the original hardware was missing on the top two drawers so I went to Hobby Lobby and got these glass knobs.  They have a brown hue to them that went well with the other hardware that I spray painted in Rustoleum's oil rubbed bronze.

My dear friend probably thinks I restained it, oopsy!
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