Thursday, May 26, 2011

Sugar & Coffee to Beautiful Vase

I saw these canister's in Goodwill and grabbed them right up.  I had already bought some really fresh looking flowers at Micheal's and was looking for just the right vase, and these were the right one's, with a little work.  Sorry about the dark picture's.

I washed them really good and then primed them.  that was all the prep I had to do, (no sanding, yeah)
 I chose to use Valspar black and cream spray paint.  I sprayed them twice  to get a really good, even coat.  Then I went down to our local craft store and bought three decals.  I put the two  together and........TAAADAAA.

As you can see they aren't exactly on my fire place mantle (but they could be), but they're on a more important mantle, the back ot the toilet!!!  You know when I walk in the bathroom and see them with that beautiful green flower in them, well I just smile.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Old Fashioned to Modern

I found this beauty on Craigslist and snatched it up.  I was needing a chair for one of the corners of our bedroom.  I have had a table chair there for a long time waiting for just the right chair.  It looks kinda cute but close up it is really dirty and a bit out dated.


I took off the tack strip but didn't need to take off the fabric, yeahhh!  I added some batting because there were two low spots on it and I also wanted to give it a crisper look.  I already had the fabric and the batting so this project was fun and cheap from the start.  I started out using an electric staple gun and it was a, "piece of crap", (my husbands words) and I agreed.  So I switched over to my great staple gun and the compressor, so, so, much better.

I got some trim at JoAnn's and glued it in place.  It matched the material so well.  I am very pleased at how it turned out, and the best part is that it was such a fast project.  I did want to add a finishing touch with a pillow.  It was also fast.  I just wrapped the pillow form with the fabric that I had left from the bed skirt.  I finished it off with a trim that I already had and then made a flower for it. I left the finish on the wood, (even though I was tempted to paint it), because it goes with my bedroom furniture.  It looks so beautifl in my bedroom.


Thursday, May 19, 2011

It Just Makes Me Smile

I picked up this little bench at the Youth Ranch and knew exactly what I wanted to do with it.  I  get some great deals at the Youth Ranch, it's my favorite thrift store.  If you look really close at the fabric you'll be able to see that it's really old.  My grandmother had a couch out of the same fabric and it was the same color.  You'd think I'd want to keep it as is, right..... wrong.


So I took it apart and sanded the frame.  Then I wiped it off with a tac cloth to make sure it was really clean.  I gave it a coat of Kilz primer, which I really love.  I then spray painted it white and let it dry really good.  I upholstered the top and this is how it turned out.  Pretty huh?

It really did turn out nice, but it's just a little too white for me.  I decided to distress it a bit, so I sanded it in a few places and then used some dark maple stain on it to define the lines.  Much, much better.  It just puts a big smile on my face, maybe it's the pretty blue upholstery, or it could be that I got a project done so quickly.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Welcome to my blog

I have enjoyed reading your blogs for the past year now and want to thank all of you in blogland for all of the creative idea's that you have given me.  I enjoy reading so many more then are listed on my side bar but I had to stop some where.  I hope you will enjoy viewing my blog as well, I am very new at this so bare with me until I get my "blogger legs" under me.

One of my favorite centerpieces

This is one of my favorite centerpieces.
The dove's were brass so I spray painted them white 
and they turned out great.  The vase was just a metal can so I 
spray painted it cream, aged it, then added a vinyl decal.  The green
vase I got at the store, I think Kohl's.

 The tray was a cream color
with flowers painted on it.  I gave it a good coat of 
Behr, primer and paint in one, and it turned out great.

And what a beautiful ending, much better, right?

I love it, I bought everything at the second hand store except the green vase. 
That's my kind of decorating. 

I have had this rooster on my planter self way too long. 
 It's time to redue the planter shelves.  But I really do love it.
So whatever takes it's place will have to be really good!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011



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