Friday, November 11, 2011

I Hit The Jackpot

I got this end table with another one this fall at a yard sale.  I love it when you drive up to a yard sale and you spot a treasure, it.s like you hit the jackpot!  I feel like this one is a real treasure, even
though it wobbles really bad.
                                   These before pictures show how nice the craftsmanship is on it.
Isn't it funny how you can look at a piece, and because of the detailing in the wood, you just know
 it's going to be beautiful and fun redo.

The top was really damaged with water spots and oil stains.  So, with sander in hand, I knew I could restore it to the beauty it once was.  I used ASCP in old white on the body because this piece has so much
distressing to do after its painted and Annie makes it so much easier.  I then used
spray on poly to seal it.

I put a hug tack in the bottom of one of the legs to level it, and it did the trick, no more wobbling.
Here are the before and after pictures.  I wished I had gotten better pictures of the top, I stained in a dark walnut and put on three coats of rub on poly, Min wax.  I think it turned out so pretty, I know the new owner
will be really happy with it.

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Small Server

I picked this little server up with another piece that I posted about .  It was listed on Craigslist, which is one of my best resources for finding furniture.

The woman who sold this to me said her father who had been a military man all his life had bought this in Carmela at least fifty years ago.  He loved these pieces and kept them all his life, his daughter got them when he passed.  She had them for years in her garage but wanted to let someone buy
them that would use them,  that would be ME.

I gave her a coat of Kilz oil based primer because lately all the older furniture I have been buying has been bleeding through the paint so I wasn't going to go ahead without using the oil based primer.

If you have looked at many of my posts I guess you can see that I really love the top being stained and the rest painted.  I think it really adds to the character of the furniture to be able to enjoy the beautiful wood grain, and yet enjoy the beauty of the painted detailing.

 Ooops, I forgot to take pictures until the furniture was at the sale.  Like the end table this piece also sold within the first hour of the sale.  I knew it would find a good home, much better then in a garage.

I painted the body in Valspar malt and the accents in Valspar honey milk.
I got the combination over at  She had this beautiful combination
of colors on a hutch.  I knew I would be using it someday, I was just waiting for the
right piece of furniture.

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Details, Details...

This fall I was out yardsaling and not having much luck.  At the beginning of the summer it seemed like every yard sale I went to was a good one.   Then I had a really long dry run, none of them were any good.  At one of the last yard sales of the season I happen to spot this end table
and another end table that was just as old.  This one has so much detail on
it, I just knew that it would look beautiful in white.

I started to paint it in ascp but it immediately bled through.  I then pulled out the oil based Kilz primer and gave it a good coat of that. 

I wanted the top to be stained so I sanded it down really good.  It sanded off in a reddish color.

I stained it in Min Wax dark stain and then used rub on poly on the top.  I put on about three to four coats of poly.  I then distressed the whole piece which took some time because of all the detailing.
I knew it would be beautiful when it was done though, and it was.

This little gem sold within the first hour of the show, I really hated to part with it though.  Sometimes I would just like to keep them all.

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I feel So Much Lighter

I feel like I have had a huge weight lifted off of my shoulders!  The furniture pieces I showed you in this post are all done and delivered to the open house/furniture sale.  normally I enjoy working on such
neat pieces but I was working on five at the same time
and I was ready to be done with all of them.  However, they did turn out really nice and are
selling great, and isn't that what matters?  So I want to share with you the before's, and the afters.  This piece was bought off of Craigslist and was in really good condition.

I love the scrolling around the drawers and handles, won't they be even prettier in white?

It had a pretty good shine left on it from the last redo, so instead of sanding I pulled out my ASCP.  I really do love that stuff.  I used old white, then distressed her and gave her a good coat of Min Wax rub on poly. 

I'm so mad at myself for not taking after pictures where the light was good.  I remembered to take them once I was at the show. 

Someone had sealed the top with a paste or a wax, I mean a lot of it. I wanted to stain the top so I sanded and sanded but it hardly made a mark in it.  So I pulled out the stripper and used it.  When the old finish finally started to come off, it was a real thick white, sticky mess.  I could hardly get it off of my scraper.  I put the stripper on about eight time's
trying to get through the paste.  l then sanded some more only to
find out that the top really wasn't very pretty at all.  So all that stripping was in vain, I ended up painting the top, and then sealing it about three times with rub on poly.

Every piece is so different, and I learn from each one.  I think that's why I enjoy doing this so much.  I do love how it turned out.   So take another look... 
Before and After

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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Dresser and Show Pieces

For my new bedroom makeover I decided to go all the way, yip, all the way.  I took the dresser that we have had for sooo long, removed the mirror and put both in our closet.  Don't get me wrong, I love it, and don't want anything to happen to it, but I'm ready for a change in color, like white!  I got this dresser at a second hand store which I discovered by the auction house I sometimes go to.

I sanded down the top and then stained it in a very dark Min Wax stain, and gave the rest a coat of Valspar paint.  When I sanded this piece down I noticed it had a different finish on it.  It came off so easily, and was kind of a red powder.  It looked more like
 it had a tongue oil finish then a poly finish.  Because of the odd finish, it bled right through the paint and the latex primer.  I decided to pull out the "hard stuff", oil based Kilz. 
I hoped so badly this would do the trick, and it did! 
 So I gave it another coat of paint. 

The top was stained with Min Wax and then sealed with Min Wax rub on poly.

Here are the after pictures, I love it in my bedroom, such a nice change from having dark wood in there for so long.

As you can see the drawers are a shade different from the frame.  That happened by accident, but I really like the dimension it gives to the dresser.  It's in place in our bedroom and has a t.v.(I know, you're never suppose to have a t.v. in your bedroom, but I love it) and a few decorations on it.  So for the picture I tried to  leave all that out.  Didn't she turn out pretty?

It's Show Time

I haven't posted anything for several weeks because I have been working my head off trying to get ready for a show that's this week.  As many of you know getting ready for a
show is a lot of work and takes all of your time.  I'll give you a sneak peek at the before pictures
of some of the piece's I will be selling at the show.  It's so fun to see how they've turned out, and I'll post that in a week.

This little end table has so much detail to it.  It's hard to see all of it, but there is leaf like
carving on the whole thing.  It's going to be a beauty.

This Dresser might replace the one in my bedroom (In the above post).  I love the size of this and how gorgeous it is.

Another end table with such cool scrolling and detailing on it.

Okayyyyy...  So this is my auction piece, isn't it beautiful.  What you don't see is the huge crack right down the middle, big enough to break it into. It is definitely a two man job to get it back together, that and a lot of pipe clamps.  I'll  eventually get it back to new and painted a beautiful color as well. 
This will be a really interesting post, let me tell ya.

This little server I picked up off craigslist.  It has a history that I'll share with you when I do the after pictures.

I picked this one up with the server.  When I saw both of them in her garage I
could hardly contain myself, you know, I didn't want to
seem too eager.

So next week I will be showing some finished pieces and will be so happy that the show will be over.

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