Friday, March 9, 2012

A Little Dresser, A lot of Work

It's been such a long time since I have entered a post and I have missed doing it.  You know all of the things that keep you from getting to your projects, like family, work, health of family members and the list goes on.  But I'm now back on track and it felt so good today to get this little dresser done.

I thought it was such a cute dresser and got it at Goodwill for a really good price.  Well it turned out to be a little more work, no, a lot more work then I thought it would be.  I decided to paint her ASCP Old White and stain the top a dark walnut.

When I sanded it down it looked like it would stain up pretty but it had a deep hole in it on the left front corner.  So I used the stainable wood filler, which did not stain the same color at all.  Does anyone else have problems with that?  So finally I ended up painting it because it looked so obvious.

Then I had another problem, I was running really short on Old White paint, infact I didn't have enough.  So I decided to paint the front of the drawers in Paris Gray, which turned out to be a better choice anyway.  I did the top twice and the drawers twice, no problem.....but how do I get rid of the old smell that this little dresser had?  Really, it's the worst I've ever smelt and seemed to be getting stronger.  I pulled out some yellow latex paint I already had and gave the inside of the drawers several coats of paint.  It helped some but there is still an old wood smell to this little thing.


But it turned out so cute, I love it.  When I was distressing it the old white paint color on the drawers showed through before the wood did and I liked how it almost looked like I had white washed it.  The knobs had been a dirty gold color so I washed them and spray painted them satin nickel.  When you open the drawers they look so clean and bright.  The whole things just looks fresh, doesn't it?

She is ready to go home with someone and be useful for many more years.  Isn't it fun to be able to do that to old worn out furniture?

                                  Thanks so much for stopping by, I love your comments as well.

Look what I am working on next, this buffet that will turn out so beautiful.  Boy does it have a story, come back and find out what it is.